Official Google Stock Keyboard APK Now Available

Tired of your phone’s keyboard? or just want something simpler that just works, then try out the latest release of Official Google keyboard which until now was only available for Nexus devices. Your Android device must have at least version 4.0 for this to work. This stock keyboard has

Upcoming Dual SIM Xperia M Phone with 4 inch display and Jelly Bean

Sony this time is targeting the budget conscious consumers with its Xperia M series of phones, there will be two versions of Xperia M, namely Xperia M and Xperia M Dual. These are the mid range Android phones with Jelly Bean goodness. The pricing is still uncertain but we

New Android Flickr App, Free 1TB Cloud Storage for your Photos

Yahoo! is what came to my mind while reading about this amazing piece of news from Flickr which is owned by Yahoo, in a surprising move Flickr account holders and every new user of Flickr will now have access to 1 TeraByte of Cloud storage for their photos and

Google Play Achievements, Badges and Synced Game Shares Coming to Android

Until now Android has been missing a vital component in the gaming experience i.e Official Play Leaderboards, Achievements, trophies and badges and save game syncs. But all this is going to change for good as Google is all set to release what they are calling as Play Games, its

Download the Free Version of Simple Beautiful Widgets

Check out this LevelUp Studios widget app, it will help you install some simple and stunning widgets for time and weather. This version is a full free version with more functionality locked in with GetJar Gold, if you want to unlock the remaining widgets for free you will have

Install Facebook Home on Incompatible Devices via this APK Directly

Facebook Home is here to woo the Facebook addicts, this is a new launcher app that is centered around your friends and if you use Facebook heavily then you might also like it, there are several features that lets you keep updated like news feed, chats, photos revolving around