Download Android 4.0 MIUI ICS ROM for HTC Desire

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MIUI version 4 ROM which is based on the Android 4.0 ICS firmware is now available for download, if you have previously used MIUI ROMs then you must be welcoming this MIUIv4, however it is still in beta phase and there are some issues and MIUI team members are currently working on it. This ROM is the unofficial port of Android 4.0 ICS software and has been bought to you by MIUI AU. Download link and other details of HTC Desire MIUI 4 ROM below.


Download from below and transfer the zip file to your phone root, enter recovery –> perform full wipe –> Install from sdcard –> confirm,

MIUI4 for HTC Desire Features and Mods

  • Added Privacy mode
  • Added support of clearing data in contact settings
  • Improve the homescreen lag for the launcher

Merged into ICS build so far:

  • Enhancements
    • 4-Way Reboot MOD (thanks to roenano)
    • Spare Parts MOD (including nowhere near as much as previously, for now)
    • Mms user-agent and profile modified for better multimedia messaging
  • System Mods
    • Using ICS 4.0.3 CM9, b0.2.5 as a base (thanks to dk_zero-cool)
    • Camera partially working (a bit unstable, panorama force closes) (thanks to rapmv78)
    • Hardware Acceleration hack (thanks to rapmv78, rmcc)
    • RAM Optimisation script (thanks to Juwe11)
    • Security modified so that superuser and permissions management works properly
    • Custom hosts file for blocking ad servers
    • CM7 APN’s for better network connectivity
    • LED & Flashlight permissions reverted for compatibility with more apps
    • Custom installer script (See here for an explanation)
    • Customisable A2SD script (options in “Control” > A2SD Settings). Note that your phone will reboot TWICE automatically after you change your settings, in order to fix permissions and avoid issues.
    • Better GPS settings for Australian users.
    • OTA updates (Thanks to XJ &
    • Automatically adjusts installation for any HBOOT (All HBOOT other than Stock, Sense, or Data++ cannot perform data wipe without reflashing rom due to system partition size limitations)
    • Modified ramdisk to support native USB mounting as well as other small fixes
    • Modified framework to support USB mounting, network connection, signal display, and various other minor fixes
    • Torch from gingerbread build included
    • FM Radio included but currently not functioning, will force close if you try
    • Included Trackpad2Wake (thanks to samuaz)
  • Applications
    • AppWidgetPicker for non-MIUI launchers (thanks to Boombuler)
    • Calendar Sync fixed
    • Gmail with 3rd party app notification support
    • QQPlayer 1.2.233 MOD (thanks to QQ)

Download Android 4.0 MIUIv4 ROM for HTC Desire

Download link v2.1.15 ICS 4.0.3

Official MIUI AU Website.

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