Upcoming Sony Android Phones in 2012 [Codenames and Price in India]

sony android phones in india

Sony plans to catch up with the Android growth and will be launching several great Android Smartphones in India and abroad, recently a document from the Sony India sales report has been leaked online by GSMarena which shows the codenames of upcoming Sony’s Phones along with the expected price. Sony has recently released Android Tablet S  in India which is not doing so well because of the hefty price tag. Tablet P is also slated to launch this month.

Sony Android Phones in India in 2012 with Price [Upcoming Android Smartphones by Sony]

Sony will be launching Android phones in all budget ranges, there are two phones around Rs 10,000, six phones below Rs 20,000 and four phones above Rs 20,000.

Sony phone name Codename 2012 Release Date Price in India
KUMQUAT April Rs 17,000
NYPON April Rs 24,000
Olive April Rs 20,000
Topioca June Rs 9,500
Haybusa July Rs 31,900
Lotus August Rs 18,000
Tapica August Rs 10,500
Mint September Rs 36,400
Atlas September Rs 19,000
AAFM September Rs 12,500
Pepper April Rs 20,000

2013 Update:
Sony has launched Xperia Z and ZL for under 40k, Xperia Z is water and dust proof while ZL is not, both have similar specs, check it out here.

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