Android 5.0 Jelly Beans Firmware: Asus wants to be the first to release it.

Android 5.0 Jelly Beans

Well, as we wait for our devices to be upgraded to Android 4.0 ICS, Asus is readying itself for Android 5.0 OS. According to the Google Android Roadmap- Android 5.0 Jelly Beans is the next iteration of Android software which will be released sometime in 2013. Jelly Beans OS will feature several new improvements in speed and code optimization and will make way for more powerful Android devices.

Recently Asus VP Benson Lin said

Asus is very close to Google, so once they have Android 5.0 I think there will be a high possibility that we will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update.

Asus was also the first Manufacturer to release the Android 4.0 ICS on its hardware, lets see if they can do it again with Android version 5.0 next year.

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