How to Change Wallpaper on Android Tablets and Phones

change wallpaper on android tablet

If you got yourself a shiny new Android tablet and want to set a new wallpaper/live wallpaper on your device and then you can easily do so by using the following methods, step by step instructions for changing the wallpaper in Android tablets and phones is given below.

Method 1: Works on both Android Tablets and Phones

Step1: Tap and hold on the empty area of your homescreen.

Step 2: Select Wallpapers from the Pop up menu

Step 3: Select Gallery if you want to set the image from Gallery as wallpaper, in the same pop up menu select Live wallpaper if you want to set it up.

See the preview and Set wallpaper. Enjoy.

Method 2: If your Android device has menu button then tap on it and select the wallpaper option and repeat step 3.

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