How to Use Google Sync with Nokia Phones

mail for exchange Google Sync

If you are using any of the Nokia Symbian60 series of phones and want to use Google Sync to sync up your Contacts, Calendars, Gmail. In this article we will tell how you easily setup your Nokia device to to use Google Sync, to this Sync you must have Nokia’s Mail for Exchange app installed and if you have problem syncing then upgrade the Mail for Exchange to latest version given below.

Nokia Google Sync – sync Google services on Nokia phone

Step 1: Download Mail for Exchange app – free download

Step 2: Select you Nokia phone and Region and Download the app.

Alternative way to Download Mail for Exchange on Nokia S60 phones

Go to Nokia Store –> search for ‘Mail for Exchange’ and download.

How to check installed version of Mail for Exchange

-> Go to App.mgr under Tools –> Select Mail for Exchange and View Details.

Use version 2.9 for best results.

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