Install this Dropbox.apk for 23GB Extra Bonus Space [Dropbox Extra Space Hack]

dropbox space hack

So you have run out of space for your Dropbox account and want more space for free then read on. If you have already maxed out the referrals space upgrades then the only option left for you is premium upgrade. Don’t worry yet, if you want free Dropbox space upgrade then with this Dropbox trick you will get free additional 23GB of bonus space for Dropbox. Read on for the easy step by step instructions.


Any Android phone, we tested this with Galaxy S.

Download the Dropbox apk file: Direct download link to you Android phone, if it has Dropbox installed then uninstall it and reinstall using the above apk file. This mod has been developed by theos0o.

Open the Dropbox on your Android phone and login using your Dropbox ID

Check the email linked with your Dropbox account, it will receive the following mailGet free Dropbox space

Now complete at least 5 steps:

dropbox extra space trick

Check your email again for notification of Dropbox bonus space

dropbox bonu space how to

That’s it, Enjoy the 23 GB of Cloud space for full 24 months.

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