Warning! – Pirated Android Apps May Be Installing Malware, Targeting Rooted Phones

pirated android app riskroot access malware

A first of its kind Bootkit malware named DKFBootKit is now shipping with the popular pirated Android Apps and if you are downloading them from the pirated app marketsĀ  then beware if that app require root permissions. Once installed on the Android system and thanks to the unrestricted root access it modifies and replaces a number of programs to bootstrap the Android framework and can get started with the boot.

That is not all it also connects to remote servers and waits for further commands this means the hacker behind can control and run commands on your Android phone remotely and is highly dangerous.

Affected Android Apps

ROM Manager and other apps that require root access.

So folks only download legitimate purchased apps and stay away from pirated apps, if you are unsure if your Android mobile is already compromised install Android Security Apps.

Read the full details at NQ Research.

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