How to Publish Apps on Google Play Store

Google Play Store publishing-apps

Google Play Store App Publishing Tutorial with Screenshots:

Want to publish apps/games to the lucrative Google Play Store, then it’s a great time to be publisher as Play Store formerly Android Market has been witnessing tremendous growth and will continue to do so.  It is very easy to publish your apps on Google Play Store with the developer sign up fees being only $25.

Google Play Store App Publishing Step by Step Tutorial

Play Store publishing-tut-1

  • Pay $25 via Google Checkout.

Play Store publishing-tut-3

Play Store publishing-tut-checkout

  • Agree the terms and distribution agreement of Play Store.

Play Store publishing-tut-2Play Store publishing-tut-6

  • After payment your Developer application will be processed and approved by Google it will take around 24 hours after which you can upload your Android application to Google Play Store.


Play Store publishing-tut-5


  • Upload your Android app APK file to Play Store servers.

Play Store publishing-tut-8

  • After uploading the apk the app will show like below: This is the home of your Developer Console, you can upload more Android app APKs from here.


Play Store publishing-tut-7

  • Submit your Android Application details like screenshots, description etc.

Play Store publishing-apk-details

  • After entering the details, click on APK Files and activate the app.
  • Now click on the Publish button to publish your app to Play Store.

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