Android App Published But Not Visible in Google Play Store?

Recently we published Androidistic blog app (our first Android app) in the Google Play Store, to our surprise after hitting the publish button we had thought that atleast Google will provide us a link to our published app but that is not the case, in fact there is no information for Android developers in what time the app will be visible in the Play Store. The Application doesn’t even come in search within the Play Store.

Its been a while now, we will update this post with the the time it takes for our app to become visible. From what we have read in the Google Android help forums,  it could take hours, even days sometimes before the app becomes visible in the Android Play Store.

Android app published

If you have published your app on Play Store, in what time does it appear inside the Play Store search?

Update: Official App is now available at Play Store. ( It took around 24 hours before being fully available in Play Store Search)

Publishers are reporting that it takes 24-72 hours before it shows up on the Play Store, if by that time your app is not visible then do check out Google’s official guidelines for apps to see if everything is alright with the app.

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