Send Fake Anonymous Emails from your Android Phone [Play Store Download]

fake email android application

Want to make use of your Android phone for sending fake and anonymous emails to tease your friends then try out the Fake e-mailer application for Android phones and tablets, this app is available for free download and is compatible with most of the devices, to prevent misuse there’s limit of 3 fake emails per day in the free version. In this fake email online application you can send as anyone, there is a ‘From Address’ field and whatever email you type in here, receiver will see that email as the original sender.

Android Fake Emails application screenshot:

Android fake email app

Do read the terms of service of Fake email app and in general don’t send illegal type of emails or anything that might put you in trouble.

Download Android FAKE EMAILER app from Play Store:

Download link of Fake Mailer.

Let us know how you plan to use this app?, Have Fun.

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