HTC One X Android Phone Offer 2012: Priced only at $199.99

One of the leading companies in the android smartphone market, HTC came out with its latest launch, the HTC One X smartphone topped with the latest android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich, which it claims to be the fastest smartphone ever to be made till date. AT&T now brings this model to its customers via their two year contract at a price of $199.99. This was the much awaited announcement from AT&T as the fans were waiting for this new product from HTC.

This android based smartphone, HTC One X, boasts are whooping 1.5 Gigahertz snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, an 8 MP rear camera and a 1.3 mp front camera, a ram of 1 GB, sense 4 along with the android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and an amazing 4.6 inch HD (720p) display. These are some of the most powerful specs seen in any android based smartphone in the market. HTC One X brings them all together in one phone.

Following the announcement of the launch of HTC One X, Samsung did not stay behind in building the hype for its next launch. Samsung is all set to launch on May 3rd of this year, its much hyped Galaxy S 3 or the next Galaxy version of smartphone. This means that Samsung would be launching its new device just 3 days prior to the launch of HTC’s phone. Critics and fans of both Samsung and HTC alike are looking forward to these launches, of course wishing the best for their favorite brand.

Surprisingly, AT&T hasn’t announced any of its plans and the respective pricing for the next Samsung Galaxy. There is also no information on when this plan would be available for its customers. Now or later, AT&T sure has to announce its finalized plan with Samsung’s new Galaxy before its launch. Lest it might leave most of the Samsung fans disappointed!

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