How to Transfer Android Contacts to Gmail

sycn android contacts with gmail

Do you want to transfer your Android phone contacts to Gmail?, on Android phones this is done via syncing operation that you have to do manually. To sync your Android Phone contacts with Gmail and vice versa follow the steps given below and you will have all your Android phone contacts copied to Gmail contacts.

Transfer Android Contacts to Gmail Contacts and vice versa

  • Login to Android phone with your Gmail account if you haven’t already.
  • Now Go to Settings –> Accounts and Sync –>
  • Here you will have option of Auto sync too, if you want you can set this up but remember its a huge battery drainer.
  • Now select the Gmail account you wish to Sync, you can even add another Gmail account by tapping on Add account.
  • On the next page you will have option to Sync Contacts, tap it to copy Android phone contacts to Gmail contacts and vice versa.

Open you Gmail contacts to see the copied contacts.

You can even transfer Android contacts to new Android phone this way – First sync to gmail -> login to gmail on the new phone and sync back.

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