Tackling the problem of Android 4.0 ICS Firmware on Samsung devices – AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint

With android updates coming in regularly, customers of nearly all the android smartphones available in the market find it important to have their phones updated with the latest version of the Android. The latest Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich version cannot be updated to in all the available android phones. This is precisely why Samsung has come out with a list of models which can be easily updated with the android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich.

Android 4.0, Android ICS 4.0 Homescreen

Android 4.0, Android ICS 4.0 Homescreen

The earlier news that most of the old android smartphones are not eligible to update to the latest version of android, left most of the customers disappointed. Only new smartphones came loaded with this version of android and hence it left most of the fans upset who already had previous models. However, the latest announcement of the list of phones that are available via certain US carriers and that can successfully update to the new android brings a great relief.

Top of the list is AT&T, leaving all its customers happy. A total of six Samsung devices Nexus S, Galaxy S II, S II Skyrocket, the Galaxy Note, Glide and the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab will receive the said update. Following AT&T on the list is Verizon and sprint, who will receive this update on two of their Galaxy Tabs.

The customers of T-Mobile, on the other hand, are disappointed on receiving no confirmation from Samsung on any of their devices. The customers can still see the message that T-Mobile is trying to negotiate with Samsung to receive the said update on some of their eligible smartphones. This only goes to say that it would really be a long time till the T-Mobile customers will see this update available on their phones since the decision about which of their devices are eligible for this update is still pending.

For those who got the confirmation from their respective carriers, no specific date has been assigned for the update. The wait is still ON…

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