Service manual of GT i9300 leaks out, Galaxy S 3 specs?


As the Samsung’s upcoming event for 2012, that will be held on May 3rd in London, draws nearer more news on Galaxy S3 seems to be leaking out unofficially. This time it is the phone manual with specifications that seems to have been leaked out by an inside person of Samsung. On the face of it, it looks like a specifications manual for GT i9300. However, the internal contents show that it is actually for the upcoming launch of Samsung, the Galaxy S 3.

According to this manual, the Galaxy S3 will come out with a newer type of Super AMOLED display, with 1.5 Ghz clocked processor. This is quite strange as Samsung had announced that the 4 Quad 1.4 Ghz Exynos processor would be used in its new version of Galaxy smartphone. Although this manual may not be 100 percent reliable source, yet a vague idea could be that Samsung is waiting to surprise all with this kind of specs.

The features of GT i9300 also include the traditional buttons which are hardly found in android phones these days. If this is what GT has, then it will surely go down in the market.

The leaked out manual shows that the new Galaxy S 3 will sport an 8 mega pixel camera as against 12 mega pixel camera, that was announced by the makers earlier. Seeing such discrepancies found in this manual and the original news release, one can be sure that the final version of Galaxy S 3 will not be the same as was announced earlier.

The leaked out manual could be another rumor about the Samsung’s big upcoming device. Till these claims are authenticated by an official release from the company, we will keep this bit of information in the rumors section. The launch is soon, so things will be clear in no time. Till then, Mums the word!

via Sammobile

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