Beta version of MIUI Launcher for Android 4.0 ICS released

With the Official release of the MIUI launcher for Roms based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a huge sigh of relief comes from the fans of MIUI launcher who were stuck with MIUI Roms in order to enjoy it on their respective devices. However, the MIUI launcher release is still a BETA version and is under close observation for bugs and errors. The full and final version of the launcher is yet to be launched and may take sometime before it comes out of the testing phase.

For those who are unaware of the MIUI launcher, it is a completely unique interface within the Android phone that helps to launch all the application icons, all at once, on the homepage. It also helps in supporting nine homepages at any given time. The launcher can also be used to completely remove any application drawer within the android. The launcher also supports many themes, especially the thousands of themes made by the fans which can give new and fresh looks to the launcher.

Some of the features of the upcoming MIUI launcher is as follows:

Wallpapers, Ringtones and 8000 plus themes are available.
It supports upto 9 different homepage screens.
The interface and gestures of MIUI theme are unique.
Works well on every NON MIUI ICS 4.0 based phones and devices.

If you were eagerly waiting for this, then rush to the official website of the release and download the beta version as soon as possible. You can try the beta version and see if you have any feedbacks to give.

And before you download it on your device, just remember that this version of the launcher is only for Ice Cream Sandwich Roms and not for any of the previous (like Gingerbread) versions of Android.

Once you begin using it, make sure to drop comments here about your experience with it.

Download from official website.


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