Galaxy SIII Processor: Will feature Snapdragon from Qualcomm, leaked info from Samsung

With more and more rumors coming out about the much hyped Samsung Galaxy SIII, one begins to wonder if these are really rumors or hidden realities. Another surprising information got leaked out from Samsung (and again by an executive from inside) that its new launch, Galaxy S 3, will be sporting the Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm against the officially announced Exynos Quad core processor. The news leaves most of those who were waiting to check out the Exynos processor disappointed.

The snapdragon processor from Qualcomm is not something that the US fans were waiting for in the upcoming Galaxy version. The Exynos 4 Quad core processor from Samsung was something that was being looked forward for, as Samsung had announced that all its devices, including tablets, would be powered by it. This left most of the fans in US waiting for the change to happen. But this leaked out news (if it is really true), will surely shatter the big wait for most of the fans.

The same had happened with the HTC One X where it is finally coming out to the US customers as One XL with LTE connectivity and just dual core snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm instead of the promised Tegra 3 Quad core chipset. On the other hand, European fans will be seeing the release of Galaxy S 3 with the promised Exynos Quad core processor with 3G support. This was reported by the Korean times earlier this week.

Having said this, nothing seems to be official from Samsung as yet. The only wait now is for the official release of Samsung on the Galaxy S 3 specifications as to whether it will sport a Snapdragon or a Exynos processor. This is the only way to find out the reality about these leaked news and their authenticity.

Let’s wait and watch what happens!

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