Galaxy S3 Screen Size: 4.8 inch

The rumors related to Samsung Galaxy S3 just don’t stop! Here is a fresh rumor out from Samsung about its display, just two days prior to the official revealing of the much hyped, much awaited and much rumored, Samsung’s new Galaxy version, Galaxy S3. This time the rumor seems to be around the claims of the previous rumors about the phone and hence is being seriously believed in. The rumor is that Galaxy s 3 is going to sport a whopping 4.8 inch diagonal display!

Image credit: Knowyourmobile

A leaked photo of this new version phone has been leaked out and put up on ‘Know your mobile’ website. The phone shows the new Galaxy S 3 kept beside a scale, showing the size of the display. The photo also shows the frontal design and buttons available on it. The scale measures the display to be 4.8 inches in size, much close to the previous rumors about it being about 4.6 to 4.7 inches size. This way different from what was claimed by the Samsung officials.

Moreover, a traditional home button is physically present on the phone as was seen in the previous leaked photographs of the device. You can see the physical button only when you look closely in the picture. And as critics have been pointing out that if physical home button is brought back on the Galaxy S3 phone, then it will only take the device into gutters. This is because people are no more used to the physical buttons and prefer soft buttons within the display.

Once again this information might just be another added up rumor and the officially released phone may be completely different than what is being expected. However, the final design can only be confirmed once the officials unveil it on May 3rd of 2012. The wait is nearly over, only 2 days to go!

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