Top Clock Widgets for Android Phones and Tablets

One of the most commonly used application in Android phones and tablets are the Widgets. The Widgets comes in various forms which are provided by many app developers for their services. They make information readily available to the user and hence are frequently used by many in the Android world. The most commonly used one among these are the Clock Widgets. Although many types of Clock widgets are already available, here are a few of best Clock Widgets that are available in Android Market (now called the Google’s Play store):

Make Your Clock

In this widget, you can design a Clock of your choice by making use of the parameters like color, position, size and shape. You can also add templates, layouts and designs to customize it in the way you want. Weather, battery and time can be easily displayed on it. Play Store Download link.

SIMI Clock

This one is called the Simi’s Clock and is much liked for its simple presentation of time and related information. The option for battery and weather is also neatly presented for easy understanding. You can change the color, the text, the date and time format, size and the background. Play Store Download link.

Glass Widgets

In this type of widget, you can have a separate widget for weather, time, calendar as well as for the RSS feeds. The look is awesome and it also presents plenty of information in small area. The appearance is somewhat like a transparent glass with the background wallpaper options available. Play Store Download link.

Sense Analog Clock

This one also comes with a transparent glass like background which displays weather, feeds from RSS, calendar and time. The size of this widget can either be increased or decreased based on the space on your screen. The information is neatly placed across the widget. Play Store Download link.

ClockQ – Digital Clock

This one is fully customizable widget that comes with nearly 25 different fonts with facility to change the color of each part of the widget separately. The rotation and scaling options make it look really good. It also has the ability to open up on single click, with all the info right infront of you. Play Store Download link.

Pesoguin Clock

This looks more like a cartoon based clock widget with a cute character called the Pesoguin on the main screen. Apart from the regular options of a clock widget, this one opens up a new page where you can play the simple games like scissors, paper, rock etc. Google Play Store Download link.

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