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Flipboard comes to Android, Flipboard is a social feed reader application offered exclusively to the Apple’s iPad users. This application was available only through iTunes until now. Samsung have recently worked on a similar application and promised that this social feed reader application will be first available only to the Galaxy S III. However, it looks like Samsung S III owners will not get the privilege of being the first one to use this android version of Flipboard. It is reported that a developer from the xda forum by the name Valcho, went ahead and hacked the clipboard.apk file from Galaxy S III demo unit and released it for all android users.

Although this act could invite legal issues from Apple, yet android community has welcomed it as a great achievement. This has opened up the door to many more applications being hacked from the closed loop of companies like Apple. The android market will have this application ready to be downloaded soon.

For the users who do not know much about the Flipboard application of Apple iPad, flipboard is a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader that streams into one application to create a social magazine. Although Flipboard is created based upon the on-the-fly programming technique, it still manages to put all the things together in a visually compelling manner. If you would like to download the flipboard.apk file then you can do so from below.

The xda developer who pulled out the file also promises to provide the newly introduced Samsung S Voice application for the non-Samsung Galaxy S III users. S Voice is android version of Siri application from iPhone 4S. Thus, any user can now download the android version of FlipBoard as it is no more exclusive to Galaxy S III users.

Download Flipboard for Android – Direct Download Link. | Filename and version: Flipboard_1.8.4.apk

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