Update HTC One X Firmware via RUU installer


HTC One X— via (Flickr.com)

There is yet another update out for AT&T HTC One X users. You can now update the AT&T One X to v1.82592.3 firmware via RUU Update Firmware Installer. Customers have been complaining about the LTE-enabled AT&T One X phone lately. Customers from US and Canada have reported some issues with the Wi-Fi connection. They were encountering constant disconnections and slow speed while using the AT & T HTC One X Smartphone Wi-Fi.

There were reports that HTC was working on the issue to fix it and now they are out with an update that will fix most of the problems faced by the HTC One X users. If you are one among the users who has been facing this problem then you don’t have to wait until the official roll out of the update.


HTC One X— via Flickr

All you need to do is to download the RUU update file, run it on your computer and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update on your AT&T One X Smartphone. All thanks to the people at BriefMobile who got hold of the update and uploaded it for everyone to use.

Although you will find the update file easily downloadable from the internet and can be installed in few easy steps, it is always advisable to wait for the official release of the update. Remember that if you try to update your phone manually then you are putting your phone at stake, so take no risks.

For the people who are technically savvy and want to go ahead with the manual update can visit the BriefMobile website to download the update file. Head over to the website and let us know whether you have seen any other issues being fixed apart from the Wi-Fi fix.

To know more details about the RUU Update Firmware Installer we have to wait until the update is officially rolled out and the issues that are being fixed with this update. Until then keep us posted if you are planning to go ahead with the manual installation.

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