Ice Cream Sandwich update for Sony Xperia S to arrive in June

Since the time Sony Xperia S was launched with Gingerbread, which is the same version as as of Sony’s flagship device the Xperia Arc, many Sony fans were disappointed. So, all those Sony Xperia owners who were waiting for firmware update, here is the good news for you. The latest Android 4.0 update for Sony Xperia S will be coming soon in June.

Sony employees have informed that the updated time frame for the latest version to be out is either in the start of June or end of may. This time, they added, is however a tentative one. There are other plans to release it for higher end models like such as Xperia GX, Xperia SX and Sony Hayabusa St29i. As of date, Sony Xperia S is one of the best android phones available in the market.

It’s quite surprising that Sony did not launch the Xperia S with Android 4.0 version pre-installed, although Google had launched the ICS longtime ago that is somewhere in November of 2011, taking into consideration that Sony had launched successfully the Sony Xperia Arc with Android 2.3 even before Google had released its latest version.

It is also true that Icecream Sandwich is not an easy firmware and requires more developing time. Definitely, it is worth waiting for the upgrade as ICS is out with a massive update when compared to Android 2.3 or any previous Android versions. After all, it was a good deal from the development guys at Sony.

Also know that more time might be taken by Sony in order to announce and release the update officially. However, you still can get a copy of unofficial ROMS from the community of developers that will get the Ice Cream Sandwich on your Xperia S. There is always a way out when things are not done the official way!

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