AOKP Build 36 with Default ICS Wallpapers for Android Phones/Tablets download

It hasn’t been ages since the build 35 was released and the AOKP Build 36 is already out. Although there are not many updates included in this version, however, you can still install the latest version if you can’t resist it. It is worth appreciating that the team of developers is working hard to fix all the bugs and issues with AOKP ROM, almost every week.

Build 36 is yet another version for fixing the bugs along with added support for latest devices like the 2.7 inch Samsung Tab. You get back the ICS default wallpapers with this build. Along with this you also get Transformer Prime (tf201) added, added USB Tether toggle to devices that support it, added delayed ring feature to phone, added Galaxy Tab 2 7? (espressowifi), more padding added to status bar buttons, and SwagPapers (AOKP Wallpapers) is added.

Some issues are fixed such as MTP wasn’t getting default enabled, potential service for weather FC got fixed, a bug that caused photo to show when sender information was being sent hidden is fixed, fixed a bug when hiding sender information photo would still show, The problem of Wifi icon getting cut off on tablets is fixed, and volume slider problem in a voice call fixed. Apart from this there are few updates such as tuna kernel update to faux 17m, Nova Launcher update to 1.1.2, p4 devices update, Mms emoji code update from CM, theme engine updated from CM.

Therefore, if your phone is still on Milestone 5 then you can update it to build 36 to get the Theme Manager and other goodies. Nevertheless, if you are on build 35 then you can call for a skip for build 36.

If you plan to upgrade and your phone is officially supported then you can simply download it from the AOKP’s official website, transfer the gapps & ROM files to the android phone or the tablet.

Make sure to make a backup to be on the safer side. Reboot in cwm recovery mode, do a factory reset on the phone before proceeding with the upgrade, download the gapps and ROM and after that reboot. You are all set with the latest AOKP Build 36.

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