Download Ringtones for your Android Phones [Galaxy S3 Ringtones]

As the countdown for the Samsung Galaxy S3 begins, many customers are eagerly waiting for the phone to unveil. If you are one among them then for sure you will not be able to resist this post. If you are a ringtone lover and always want to try new ringtones, then there is no harm in trying the ringtones from Samsung Galaxy S3.

Irrespective of the fact, whether or not you are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Galaxy S3, you can still get the ringtones that come pre-installed in Galaxy S3 on your current phone. You never know you might like the ringtones and make up the mind to buy the handset for yourself or it might be vice versa. So, let’s try to download these 6 tones on your phone.

The ringtones pack come with a combo of 6 melodies. Get the ringtones from here or here, extract files that you downloaded and transfer it to your music library on the phone. You can listen to the ringtones or assign it as your caller tune by going into the audio settings. The ringtones comes in file format “.ogg”.

The list of ringtones from Samsung Galaxy S3 includes Walk on the seaside, Mountain temple, Fog on the water, Rays of the sun, Blowing Dandelion seeds and underwater world.
Go ahead, download the list of ringtones from the links provided, and let us know which one is your favorite.

If you like, you can as well share your favorite ringtones with us. Simply upload the ringtone in the form of a pack in zip files on or any other uploading website. So that others could download it from there and listen to your favorite ringtone. We will place your link at our site so that others can download it.

Download S3 Ringtones for Android - Link

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