Galaxy S3 UK Pre-orders will get processed a day Early

Here is the news that will make all the Samsung lovers jump with joy. Yes, you have heard it right Galaxy S3 might come a day before its actual launch day. Samsung has made an official announcement that all the people who have pre-ordered the Galaxy S3 in the UK will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 6pm on May 29th, i.e., half a day before its actual official release date.

Before you actually go crazy after listening to the big news, this offer is not for all the pre-ordered customers. This offer is only valid to the customers who have placed the order from Samsung’s own store in Westfield Stratford City in London. Therefore, its merry time for the UK customers who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone in the Samsung store in Westfield.

Perhaps it might not be that of a big deal for the customers to get the phone just half a day earlier than the actual release time, unless you are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 just like a kid waiting for the Santa Claus to deliver its Christmas presents. So, the people in UK who have not yet ordered the Galaxy S3 and wish to have this model can go ahead and quickly place their order.

In any case, it is not sure how far this early release will help the people at Samsung; it might as well bring about a massive variation. Nobody is sure that how much a day’s difference will matter, on the contrary it might make a huge difference to you. So go on if you want to surprise someone with the amazing Samsung Galaxy S3 and place the order. But make sure that you have ordered it from Samsung’s own store in Westfield Stratford City in London.

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