How to Take Screenshots on Android Phones and Tablets

ShootMe (Screen Grabber) android

Do you want to capture screenshots of your custom Android homescreen for sharing with friends, unlike the iOS, Android lacks in a “simple way to take screenshots”, but don’t worry there are easy ways to overcome this problem. The only downside is that you must have root access to your device. Our favorite application for taking screenshots on Android OS is the ShootMe app and is available for free in the Android Market. All the screenhots that you see on our website have been captured using ShootMe, its so easy and we love it.

Download ShootMe App for Android (Screenshot App)

Download link – Android Market

How to Take Screenshots

The default is the shake mode, just give a small shake to your Android phone to take screenshot.

Where are screenshots saved?

All the screenshots are stored in a separate ShootMe folder for easy access.

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