T-Mobile based Samsung Galaxy S3 pics surface

There has been a lot of speculations about the release of Galaxy S3 i9300 and its related factors like price, looks, design, performance, etc. The fans have been waiting to see a glimpse of it since it was announced.

A relief to this anxiousness came when T-Mobile based Galaxy S3′s pics surfaced, thus giving everyone a glimpse of what the phone looks like in reality. The look and design comes as a surprise to the fans as there are some unexpected elements related to it.

The center button out of the three physical buttons in the front of the phone is the home button. This is quite unexpected as all the previous versions had a 4 button layout which comprised of menu, home, back and search.

Samsung returns to the traditional international three button layout in this latest model which is the only thing different as far as the design and physical look is concerned. However, the other elements of surprise should be internal.

There are speculations that Samsung would be using the latest dual core processor (snapdragon s4) with probably a 2 GB ram (which is not yet confirmed) instead of the quad core Exynos with 1 GB Ram which is found in the international version of Galaxy S3.

Another rumor making its way is about the T-mobile specific applications and software that will no more include the Bloatware! Yes, you heard it right. This is what is being expected from Samsung in its latest version just like what Google did with its Verizon version of Nexus.

But again, all this information is yet to be officially confirmed by the makers, who are keeping the specs hidden until the official release of the phone. They are trying to take people by surprise so that pre sales don’t fall off the record and that this model fails even before it is launched!

via TheVerge

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