Training docs show bias towards HTC One X as against Galaxy S3

The war of Android smartphones goes on and this time its the latest version from Samsung that is facing all the resistance in the market from its competitors. The competitors of Samsung Galaxy S3 are trying their best to kill the Galaxy S3 buzz as much as possible before its official launch. The giants like Apple and HTC are not left behind in this effort and are using various methods to reduce the demand of it in the market.

Although Apple is busy producing better products to over shadow the others, HTC has resorted to a much blunt way of taking on Samsung. In some of the latest images that surfaced from the training team of HTC, a glimpse of the same can be seen.

The images are of the training documents of the HTC one x which are given to the sales representatives. In this case, its HTC One X that is being promoted through these documents.

However, the method is not a healthy one. The images of the training documents show how HTC One X is exceptional phone as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. A comparison is done in between the two smartphones in nearly all the major and minor areas of the smartphone like camera, look, weight, chipset, etc.

The documents clearly show a bias towards the Android based HTC device, as comparisons are done only to show how superior the HTC device is as compared to the Samsung one.

This action of HTC doesn’t come as a surprise owing to its performance in the first quarter of the year. It was pretty rough quarter for this Smartphone maker as the numbers did not reach even close to what they expected.

But irrespective of which phone people opt for, both HTC one X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are amazing with the best specifications found in the market. Lets wait and see which one outdoes the other in the race!

via Talkandroid

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