Native Firefox Version 14 for Android- Download Now

Great new look and Feel: If you have been a fan of Android, and Firefox on desktop but wasn’t happy with the Android version of Firefox then today a new revamped version of Firefox for Android with HTML 5 and Flash support became available at the Google Play Store, download link is provided below. This version improves the speed and offers new homescreen with easy to launch websites pane. This latest version of Firefox 14.0 is twice as fast as the stock browser on the Android device claims Mozilla.

Recommended: Easily get your desktop Bookmarks and websites history using Firefox Sync on ANDROID:

To improve your browsing experience on Android, it is recommended to turn on Firefox Sync, when you first install the Android version of Firefox,  tap on Set up Firefox Sync and enter the keys into the desktop version of Firefox by going to Tools – > Options -> Sync – > Pair Device. It will take a couple of seconds to Sync and then you are ready to go.

Firefox For Android 2012 Screenshots:

So if you have been bored and unhappy with the stock browser on your Android , then get this mobile browser for Android and let us know your views in comments.

Download Firefox for Android 2012:

Play Store link


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