Androidistic Game Review: Dead Trigger – Zombie FPS, with Gameplay Video

Update: The Game is now free to play.

If you are looking for incredible FPS experience that too on your Android phone then try out this Dead Trigger Zombie FPS game by Madfinger Games, developed on the Unity platform, this game will take you for a ride with its realistic graphics which are totally awesome for a handheld game, the gameplay will let you enjoy  smashing and shooting zombies like never before on your Android phone.

Dead Trigger rating-review

Also the game has in-game purchases that many people are not liking but as the game is currently available for only a dollar you can’t really complain much about it, I think the game is really more than a dollar owing to its high definition graphics and quality gameplay.

dead trigger headshot

Dead Trigger Story:

Typical zombie stuff, there is a deadly plague all over the world, you have survived by remaining undetected but things have changed, now you have to fight for your survival.

dead trigger android review

Dead Trigger on Android – Graphics:

The graphics  of Dead Trigger are really crisp, the movement of zombies have been recorded using live motion capture due to which it all appears so good, the lighting of the environment and level design is top notch which screams of high production quality and as claimed by the company they are definitely “Console Quality”.

Dead Trigger Gameplay:

dead trigger pic

The gameplay is really a treat, the movement is fluid and shooting hordes of zombies is satisfying,  you might need to adjust the sensitivity for better experience though, overall a great experience.

If zombies gets too close..


Dead Trigger GamePlay Video by Androidistic:

Androidistic Dead Trigger Rating:  9/10

One of the best Zombie FPS game out there on Android.

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