Plant versus Zombies 2 Game Release Date: Spring 2013

Plant vs Zombies 2 - sequel

The bigger, meaner and uglier zombies will be making a comeback in the new Plant VS Zombies 2 game that is all set to release in spring 2013. PopCap, the developer of the hit Android game has announced the PvZ part 2 with a lot of new features and situations. So if you have been the fan of the PvZ franchise, come 2013 and you will have completely new PvZ 2 with lots of new levels and of course new variety of deadly and zombie killing plants.

Currently the Plant Vs Zombies game is available for all major platforms like Android, Mac, iPad, Windows Phone 7, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc, the newer Plant vs Zombies 2 will also simultaneously make its way to all the popular platforms at launch.

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