Fun Android Apps: Android Lightsaber

Android lightsaber

Hey guys, this is another post in the Fun Android Apps series where we post about the fun and interesting Android apps. Ever wanted to feel the lightsaber of a Jedi? This Android Lightsaber app just let you become one with options to choose character(dark side anyone) from within the app, after that just tap on the lightsaber and you will have live lightsaber which sounds like the real one when you move it.

lightsaber for android app

These apps use the inbuilt accelerometer sensors to detect movement and thereby produces original lightsaber sound effect. They were good fun for a couple of minutes before the novelty wore out and are a must have for Star Wars fans :)

Download Lightsaber app for Android

Android market download link. Beta version.

Download Jedi Lightsaber app for Android

This is another lightsaber app for android and is hugely famous, download it from the link below.

Android Market download link. Jedi Lightsaber version 1.4.

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