How to Uninstall Application on Android Phone and Tablet

If you are new to Android and have no idea about Uninstalling or removing applications from your new Android phone or tablet then this article will provide you two ways to do so. Over time we tend to install many applications like games, utility apps etc to our Android phones and Tablets but many of them just sit there doing nothing. So, why not just uninstall/remove those unnecessary apps.

How to Uninstall Application on Android

There are two ways to uninstall an application from your Android device:

1) Uninstalling from Settings

uninstall app from android1 uninstall-remove app from android

To uninstall applications this way Go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> Browse and tap on the app your want to uninstall –> select uninstall.

2) Uninstalling from Android Market App – Requires Internet connection

uninstall android app from market

In this method it is easy to find your installed applications compared to previous method.

Open Android Market –> Open Market Menu –> My Apps –> Select App -> Select Uninstall

How often do you uninstall apps on your Android or do you let them pile up? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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