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You must have felt the need of easy and quickly controlling the Android phone brightness based on whether you are on indoors or outdoors, though you can do it from the settings but it does take a couple of taps to reach there, in this article we will be discussing three Android apps for brightness control that will save time and effort required to do so.

Default Method of brightness control on Android

Normally new users use this way Settings –> Display –> Brightness.

Looking for best brightness control apps for Android, with the following apps, you can easily control the Android phone’s brightness.

Brightness Control Apps for Android

  • Brightness Level – Want an easy widget to change brightness level on your Android device then Brightness Level will let you change the screen brightness easily.


Market download link for Brightness Level

  • Screen Filter – Adds a shade filter for dimming screen brightness, great for reading, gaming at night and saves battery.


Market download link for Screen Filter

  • InvisiBright – This app allows to control the brightness by tilting the android device, you can even set it to slide settings that will control brightness by sliding fingers up and down while at homescreen.


Market download link for InvisiBright

These brightness control apps for Android should suffice the need of most users, do you use any of these or is there a better brightness control app you are using?, share your views in comments.

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