Best Android 3.2 Tablets

Android 3.2 for Tablets is the latest Android operating system, however there are still a number of tablets that are using the older Android 3.0 or 2.3 OS. In this article we will be creating a list of best Android 3.2 tablets so that you easily have a look for the best Android honeycomb 3.2 tablets. We have also given official website link of the Android 3.2 tablets so that you easily look at the full features.

Best Android 3.2 Tablets

As all these Tablets have Android as their OS, the software features will be mostly the same, to decide which is the best Android tablet for you, look at the price and hardware specifications by going to their official websites.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – This need no introduction and with new Galaxy Tab models you can’t go wrong.

- Official website

Galaxy Tab- andriod 3.0 tablet

Motorola Xoom - This is one of the best Android tablets out there and with Google’s acquisition of Motorola you can expect first builds of future Android firmwares to come first to Xoom tablet.

- Official website


Asus Eee Transformer – Want something stylish for Android 3.2 tablet, this Android Eee transformer fits the bill easily and with 16 hours of battery backup it is quite a nice deal.

- Official website


Acer Iconia Tab – Another great and affordable Android tablet.

- official website


LG Optimus Pad – LG was late to Android party but its Optimus Pad turns out to be great product.

- official website, couldn’t find in English language, but you can see the specs easily.

LG optimus pad- android 3 tablet


Sony S1 and S2 tablets – official website not available yet but you can read this Cnet hands on.

sony-s1-s2- android 3.0 tablets


Let us know if we missed any latest Android 3.2 Tablet? and we will add it to the list.

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