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Launcher Pro is one of my all time favorite Android application, it has been constantly supported by its developer Federico Carnales with new features, code revisions for improved performance and better stability, which is one of the reason of its huge popularity. Recently a new version of Launcher Pro v0.8.5 was released which according to the changelog is expected to provide reduced memory usage, smooth scrolling to the already awesome application.

Download Launcher Pro for Android

LauncherPro apk downloadDownload link

LauncherPro download for Android MarketDownload link

If you are new to Launcher Pro on Android then try this after you have installed the application.

Go to Launcher Pro Preferences –> Homescreen Settings –>Transition Effect –> Select Rotate/Rotate 2 or Flip/Flip – both effects are uber cool.

Now see for yourself how amazing this launcher is. Do experiment with other settings based on your preferences.

Which is your favorite Android Launcher?

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