How to Backup Android Contacts

Backing up of Contacts is of utmost importance whenever you are upgrading the firmware of your mobile or just for backup purpose, as a separate copy of Contacts saved at a different location will allow you to rest easy without ever worrying about losing your contacts. In this article we will discuss various easy ways to backup contacts on Android phones and tablets.

How to Backup Android Contacts

There are multiple ways to backup contacts stored on your Android phone, like you can backup your contacts to Google’s Gmail, or to your PC or Mac after saving the contacts file to your SD card.

Backup Android Contacts to Gmail:

backup android contacts

This is the best way to backup all of your Android contacts, as it will save a copy of contacts to the Google servers and can be easily accessed and restored via Gmail sync. Read our post on how to transfer/sync contacts to Gmail.

Saving and backing up Android contacts to Memory card and other options:

Go to the Contacts application on your Android phone, select Menu button and then select Import/Export, there you will have the following options, there could be slight changes depending on which firmware you are on.

  1. Import from SIM card
  2. Export to SIM card
  3. Send Namecard via – select contacts and send as namecard via email or Bluetooth.
  4. Backup Contacts
  5. Export contacts to SD card – save a copy to SD card and later transfer it to your PC or Mac.

Choose the appropriate options to backup your Android contacts.

How to save new contacts automatically to Google’s Gmail:

Go to Contacts –> Menu –> More –> Settings –Save new contacts to –> Select Google Here.

Backing up Android contacts via Apps

You can also use free third party apps to backup your contacts saved on Android phone, go here to find Contacts app for your Android phone.

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How do you guys backup your Android Contacts?

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