Wi-Fi Android Sync Manager [Ditch USB]

android sync manager wifi

If you transfer a lot of files from your Android phone to your computer and vice versa then connecting the phone via USB cable every time is a time consuming task, if you want you can use the this free Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi software and bid farewell to USB sync, using this software you can sync contacts, photos, music and other files easily over Wi-Fi. Download the Android Sync Manager from below.

Android Sync tool screenshots

Android Sync tool Android Sync manage no usb Android Sync manager usb

Free Download Android Sync Manager [Wi-Fi Sync software]

Download link. Install this on PC.

Download corresponding Sync Manager app from Android market – Download link – Install this on your Android phone.

Set PIN code on Android phone by going to Settings, and while connecting from PC enter that PIN inside the PC software for secure connection.

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