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8 Android App Development Trends To Follow In 2019

Most of the modern entrepreneurs choose Android as the OS for developing high-end applications. Android apps are powerful tools that allow a business to engage with their customers and improve their sales.

For the past 10 years Android is continuously evolving as a robust platform for mobile app development. Over the years, Google has given many updates to Android from Marshmallow to the latest Oreo, fully loaded with new features every time.

Android has grown into a powerful, secure, and faster OS for building credible applications. But in order to develop a unique Android app, it is mandatory for you to be aware of the latest trends in the Android app development domain. Let’s explore the top eight in the article.

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Android Apps

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are the two advanced technologies emerged in the past few years. The incorporation of AI in Android apps equips them with the power to tackle complex processes along with additional skills.

With the help of machine learning technology, the programmers can build smarter Android applications. For example, chatbots are using these technologies extensively in order to understand human behavior for better interactions.

Let’s take a look at the latest Android app development trends under Machine Learning & AI:

  1. Deep Learning Theory This vertical of machine learning enables the computers to imitate the human brain effectively with the help of neural networks.
  2. Capsule Networks – It is an enhanced form of neural networks that facilitate the smooth maintenance of the hierarchical relationship.
  3. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) – This module is specifically built for developing business applications. It helps the owners to build machine learning models for their business easily by avoiding the complex programming environment.

The seamless integration of AI has made Android apps capable to provide their users with the best possible experience. For instance, the taxi booking apps like Uber are already using this technology in order to deliver personalized user experience.

2. Easily Accessible Android Instant Apps

Android instant applications are the newest thing in the mobile app market. The technology is gaining immense popularity because it allows users to instantly access and use the apps without any need to install them on their devices.

This technology lets users save a lot of their phone’s memory as these apps aren’t actually stored on their smartphones. This novel technology is launched by the tech giant Google.

Last year the Google released the developers kit of this technology that enable programmers to create their own instant apps. The developers are allowed to provide a certain part of these apps on the store so that they can interact with the apps without downloading them. For now, there are only a few apps that have this instant app version, so it’s a good chance for you to take advantage of this latest trend and attract more users.

3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Supported Efficient Web Applications

AMP is an advanced version of the HTML that makes the mobile pages light weight and load faster. This technology enables programmers to build complex web pages that load faster on all mobile devices. The reduced loading time helps the publisher to enhance the user experience and fulfil the below objectives:

  1. Higher search engine ranking
  2. Lower bounce rate
  3. Higher CTR
  4. Higher user retention
  5. Better user engagement
  6. IoT Powered Android Applications

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is the technology that builds a convenient and comfortable environment for the users by connecting the electronic devices. Also, it allows the users to control different electronic devices with the help of their smart phones.

The IoT technology is gaining immense popularity and by 2020 there will be around 20.4 billion IoT connected devices across the globe. Therefore, Android apps powered by IoT technology will be popular among users in the future and will offer businesses with several opportunities in the Android IoT app development domain.

5. Unique Cloud-Based Android Applications

With the increase in demand of the Android users, modern developers are building advanced applications by incorporating complex and heavy features. The implementation of complex programming and heavy features call for more space requirement and ultimately make the app sluggish.

In order to solve this problem, programmers are moving towards building cloud-based Android applications. These apps are supported by the cloud storage so that there is no need for worrying about the heavy data.

In addition, these cloud-based Android apps allow entrepreneurs to access the data as and when they require. Moreover, this technology has given rise to the development of secure Android apps as they come with local storage to protect users’ confidential data.

6. Artificial Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Android Applications

AR and VR technologies are dominating the mobile app development market. As per a Statista report, there will be around 1,389 million standalone AR app downloads by 2020.

In the future too there will be a huge demand for Android apps powered by the AR and VR technologies that will not only attract users, but will also help you offer something unique and different than your competitors in the same domain.

7. Seamless Mobile Payment

The mobile payments market is expected to worth $3 trillion by 2023. Also, out of this $3 trillion, $9 billion will be generated from the implantable payment technologies of the next generation.

Since the e-payment industry is moving towards creating cashless a society, you can plan to provide the users with convenient and innovative payment solutions through your Android applications for the products and services you will be selling. Once the users start paying through these options, you can easily discover the payment options preferred by them and use this information in order to further innovate your Android application.

Designing an ideal Android application with a unique payment solution is a daunting task. Hiring a professional Android app development company can be the right decision.

8. Robust Security In Android Applications

Because of the rise in consumption and ever-growing technological intricacies in the information technology domain, there are many threats to app security.

It is anticipated that almost three-fourth of the total apps we have around do not meet the security norms required to keep them risk-free and prevents them from online hacks and cyber attacks.

The security concern gets even more serious by the fact that these apps deal with a lot of data and payments. And as Android is known for keeping security measures on track, it is expected in the future that the platform will raise the security bar and take it to the next level of online authority and competence.

The above-mentioned eight trends are currently dominating the Android app development market. Considering the huge demand, this platform is definitively getting more popular in the coming years.

8 Android App Development Trends To Follow In 2019

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