Download Android 4.0 ISO for x86

Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich has now been ported for the x86 platform which means if you have a PC with 32 bit OS then you can now install Android 4.0 ICS for a multi boot PC, however this latest Android 4.0 ISO image only supports the PC based on AMD chips and support for Intel chips isn’t available yet and is not likely to become available in the foreseeable future. So if you have AMD based computer and want to experiment then download the Android ICS 4.0 ISO image from the link below, burn the disc with boot image and start installing.

Porting Android to x86

android 4.0 iso x86 installation

Working features in Android 4.0 ISO for x86/32 bit

Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet, Internet browser, Gallery, Games, Music player, Open Office etc

Direct Download link for Android 4.0 Boot Image [AMD Only]

Important links:

Installation Guide for Android 4.0 ISO installation on x86 PC



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