Android 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

samsung_galaxy_ace android 2.3.5

If you want to be on the latest 2.3.5 firmware for your Galaxy Ace then this BUKS2 release can be downloaded and installed on your device by following the mini step by step guide given below, it is the latest android 2.3.5 release and is stable and fast too. The firmware is based on the gingerbread, find the download link for the firmware and associated files below.

Download Android 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Ace

Download link | Password:

Filesize of Android 2.3.5 firmware for Galaxy Ace: 126.3 MB

How to install Android 2.3.5 on Galaxy Ace

The general ODIN install process will work. Download Odin from here

  1. - After extracting the downloaded firmware file you will get tar package.
  2. - Run Odin as administrator and check Auto Reboot and Protect OPS, then select the OPS file (Cooper_v1.0.ops, get from here)
  3. - Now select the tar files with similar names under Select images to download.
  4. - For single package installation tick One package
  5. - Boot in download mode by pressing and hold vol down + home button and then press Power button
  6. - Connect your Galaxy Ace via USB, it should display yellow color in COM port in Odin
  7. - Click on start to install the Android 2.3.5 on Galaxy Ace


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