Upcoming Android Tablets 2012: Toshiba’s Tegra 3 Tablet

toshiba tegra 3 android tablet 2012

A new leak has been surfaced at the Anshouji showcasing the Toshiba’s Tegra 3 tablet features and performance details. It has been codenamed as “Tostab06” and will have a 1.4GHz CPU, though Tegra 3 is not mentioned at the page, but you can get the hint from the other performance aspects.

Toshiba upcoming Android tablet 2012 with Tegra 3

Previous Android tablets released by Toshiba has the been named as Tosta03, Tosta04, Tosta05 so this tablet will be the one running with Tegra 3 quad core processor. As of now no information is avaialble on the pricing and release date. We will keep you updated with the developments.

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