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Android Development: A Brief Look at the Past, Present, and Future

When you consider app development of the present day, it’s hard to think of the operating systems out there and not consider the Android operating system. You can scarcely leave your home without seeing a smartphone that’s running this operating system. Tablets are running it, smartwatches have got on board, and other devices (even kitchen […]

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8 Android App Development Trends To Follow In 2019

Most of the modern entrepreneurs choose Android as the OS for developing high-end applications. Android apps are powerful tools that allow a business to engage with their customers and improve their sales. For the past 10 years Android is continuously evolving as a robust platform for mobile app development. Over the years, Google has given […]

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Retail Companies Should Create A Virtual Assistant Mobile App

Retail is a tricky business to ensure maximum customer engagement in order to increase the sales and the profits. Most retails have questions on how to create a mobile app that is capable to connect a brand to the global customer base. Mobile apps have become virtual assistants to the retailers as they encompass all […]

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9 Crucial Benefits Of Android App Development For Your Business

Modern entrepreneurs are adopting Android to build custom mobile applications tailored to suit their specific business needs. These applications allow them to boost their revenues and attain tremendous business growth. being an open and free platform built on Linux, Android offers a complete software stack, including operating system, middleware, and key mobile applications. Apart from […]