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Retail Companies Should Create A Virtual Assistant Mobile App

Retail is a tricky business to ensure maximum customer engagement in order to increase the sales and the profits. Most retails have questions on how to create a mobile app that is capable to connect a brand to the global customer base.

Mobile apps have become virtual assistants to the retailers as they encompass all the required features that are necessary to encourage customers and increasing the sales and profit margins.

But does your retail app have all the features that are required to make your business a leader in the retail industry? Let’s explore the most significant features that will help you create a retail mobile application successful and popular among customers.

1. Shopping Cart Integration & Barcode Scanning

Your retail mobile app should let customers add or scan items from a catalog to a list save directly to the app. Magneto is one of such ecommerce platform that provide its users with this support. Such a feature can be beneficial for companies who have customers who repurchase the same items on a regular basis, such as consumer retailers or commercial-scale suppliers like construction material suppliers and restaurant supply stores.

Your sole motive should be providing the customers with such a shopping experience that maximizes their time and that of your own sales associates. When customers will be aware of what they want ahead of time, then they will need less face time with your associates and let them take care of more customers in the long-run.

2. Well Planned Loyalty Program

Design a portal that is specifically built to cater to the needs of your regular customers. This portal should allow you to interact with such customers directly. This portal can be useful for retailers who are looking to build sales and maximize on their existing business. You can use this portal to track purchase history of the customers and sending them special offers. Also, it can be used to notify the loyal customers ahead of time when items with limited availability will be in stock.

This portal can help you to win your loyal customers’ trust and increase your average sales. This will also create a buzz about your loyalty program and the people who aren’t a part of it will want to know more and become a member in order to reap its benefits.

3. Easy Mobile Payments & Pre-Ordering Benefits

If you are a retail concern or a restaurant, you should incorporate the feature to in your mobile app that allow customers to pre-order goods and services. Also, you can provide the customers with the facility to make payments through the application itself while in the store. This facility of pre-ordering items and paying for them without any hassle of waiting in long queues will be convenient for your customers.

When a visitor walks through your doors and is already in a hurry, and your store has a long queue, or you are a giant retailer with a significant retail space, you have the possibility of losing sales.

But when your mobile app provides the customers with the comfort of ordering merchandise ahead of time or to make the payment of their purchases via their mobile in the store, they will be able to manage their own schedules properly and get the shopping experience they actually desire.

4. In-Store Navigation & Geo Targeting Marketing Strategy

You can integrate a feature into your mobile app that utilizes GPS positioning and in-store beacon navigation so that to modify how the app functions in accordance with the client’s location. This feature will facilitate indoor positioning in large retail spaces and providing the customers with the targeted offers and deals, according to their location in the retail space. Also, you can modify the way your app interface and features behave when the customer is at home or within the store.

This feature will guide your customers directly to the items they are looking for and ensure that they make a purchase and won’t leave empty handed. By tracking the customer’s location within the store, you can offer them targeted coupons and deals based on their position. This will allow you engage them in a way so that increases overall sales.

You can also encourage the customers who are outside of your store to plan a visit by offering them lucrative deals and special loyalty perks. And when they visit your store, you can engage them in in-store specials, events, coupons, and location services. This will allow you to provide your customers with a value-added shopping experience that they appreciate and will return to time and again.

To conclude, these tips and tricks can help you in designing a super-star retail mobile application that is capable to engage your customers in new and exciting ways.

Retail Companies Should Create A Virtual Assistant Mobile App

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